HiAlpha® Mining Investment Conference

HiAlpha® Mining Investment Conference

JW Marriott Essex House New York

The mining industry is continuing to change with ever-growing demands for minerals fueled by energy requirements from developed and developing countries. The mining market has an exciting future ahead with emerging new deposits being discovered in underdeveloped countries. Thus, this could mean that supply will become increasingly strained. What will this do to prices, who will emerge as key players and how do you look for a safe investment in volatile emerging nations?

Whether you are an investor looking for the next emerging market or a company looking to raise capital, the HiAlpha® Mining Investment Conference will provide an all-encompassing market overview of the mining industry, project future demand, and bring together some of the industry’s most respected figures. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the latest opportunities for private equity in the sector, the chance to rub shoulders with over 300 investors or hear about the developing mining countries and its financing from rare earth minerals in Afghanistan to gold in Greenland.

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